Android Aplication Development Engineer

You need experience with:

1. Develop and maintain android STB application software.

2. Develop and maintain App related to android phone and tablet.

3. Experience with develping android application Ul design of android platform:

common layout and control network communication mechanism of android TCP/IP protocol.

Embedded software Engineer

You need experience with:

1. C,C++,JSP,html and java;

2. Linux developing embed software is a priority.

3. Majored in auto,computer,electricity,communication,etc.

PHP Engineer

Responsible of develop WEB program, You should know well:

1. HTML,CSS,Javascript etc.technology and HTTP,

2. Mysql database,SQL language,it is better if you have experience of maintaining

windows & linux server system.

Software Test Engineer

You need experience with:

1. You need know software test theories and methods, can use kinds of test tools.

2. The most important abilities you need to have are study & communication.

3. We hope you have experience in software test one year or above.


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